In 2009, Ixoraa expanded its reach to bring a diverse group of individuals to India. Lakshmi Pratury co-hosted TEDIndia with Chris Anderson, Curator of TED conference. Close to 1000 attendees from 46 different countries joined us in Mysore, India to celebrate the first ever TED in Asia. This conference brought together a diverse group of accomplished artists, architects, technologists, business people, musicians, dancers, scientists, and social entrepreneurs along with one hundred young TEDIndia fellows.

Following the success of TEDIndia, Ixoraa Media will be hosting a new conference called The InK conference (InK stands for Innovation and Knowledge) in association with TED conference in December 2010. TED talks have come to be known as the best “brain food” online and talks from The InK conference will be featured on following the same editorial process and rigor as all other TED talks.

Speakers will include 50 of the most innovative individuals from a range of disciplines. A few of the speakers confirmed to date include technology maven Joi Ito, prolific author Deepak Chopra, and entertainment icons James Cameron from Hollywood and Raju Hirani from India.

Aamra Grove is a metaphor.

In 2007 and 2008, we hosted Aamra Grove, which brought together a diverse group of accomplished Indians from around the world and across disciplines to focus on shaping the thinking, policy, and progress in the Indo - U.S. corridor. This is an invitation-only event. For more info please contact

This is an invitation only event.