Andy Grove
"I agreed to do one public appearance to promote Tedlow's book in the Bay Area and I asked Lakshmi to host it.  I have known her from her Intel days, and had confidence in her ability to not only get the job done, but to do it well.  She did not disappoint me.”
Dalai Lama Foundation Chhime R. Chhoekyapa, Joint Secretary
In March 2006, the office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama with the help of Lakshmi Pratury organized a team and managed to web cast the first ever teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama very successfully. We were impressed with Lakshmi’s passion and dedication to her work. We wish Lakshmi all the best for her future projects.
Shankar Mahadevan
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Lakshmi.  For an artist, the hospitality and the warmth of the organizer is what stays as a wonderful memory and interests him to come back again and again to work with the same company. This is exactly what I experienced with Lakshmi’s company and would love to be associated with her for many many ventures.
Shashi Tharoor
I have enjoyed co-hosting the retreat with Lakshmi Pratury's organization, and am equally pleased with the quality of attendees who joined me.  I am impressed by the quality of events created and presented by Lakshmi and am confident that Aamra Grove will be a much sought after retreat for the Indian Diaspora in the years to come.

I have been interviewed by Lakshmi Pratury and I am impressed by the depth of knowledge that she brings to the table and by her ability to put her subjects at ease so that they can talk with candor about their personal and professional lives.
Vijay Amritraj
I thank you for providing a unique forum to showcase the many facets of India to both Americans and Indians. I really enjoyed the experience. Goodluck in the future.
Deepti Naval
As an artist, actor and poet I speak with my art. Lakshmi’s interview brought forth the words from me, expressing the thoughts and desires that make me passionate about my art. Thanks for the opportunity to share this with your audience Lakshmi.
Chitra Divakaruni
I greatly enjoyed my interview with Lakshmi Pratury of Lakshmi's Lounge. She was at once professional, intelligent, funny and intimate. Her questions were original and thoughtful--and funny as well. After the event, many members of the audience came up to tell us that this was a unique experience.

Members of FWE&E (trip to India)

Amy Love CEO Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives
The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives instituted an annual business and cultural exchange program between Silicon Valley executive business women and emerging economies.  For the group's first exchange, we tapped Lakshmi Pratury to lead us on a truly remarkable trip to India.  Lakshmi's professional, political and cultural connections are outstanding and led to a truly amazing level of discussions between our delegation and the people of India.  Her team also ensured that we gained exposure to a variety of experiences that make India so special.  Our trip included visits to Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Agra and Delhi. - Board member and past
Lorraine Hariton Chairman, Beatnik
My trip to India was by far the best trip of my life. India is a fascinating country and Lakshmi was an extraordinary guide.  We went as a delegation of business women with the objective of getting a better understanding the many aspects of India – business, cultural, historical, social and religious.  Lakshmi used her extension network to expose us to so many aspects of India.  - From visiting a remote village to see micro finance in action, to drinks on the balcony with the Maharana of Udaipur to the Taj Mahal, each day offered another interesting and enlightening experience. Lakshmi organized the trip with love and passion and left us with an unforgettable memory.
Wendy S. Lea CEO, Chatham Group, LLC
Exploring India with Lakshmi was a magical adventure ... no better person to help you understand the many dimensions of this intriquing country! All your 'senses' will be triggered and a million new ideas will be born!
Mallika Dutt 
Well, Lakshmi proved once again, what focused woman power can do!  The retreat was a flawless weekend packed with exciting conversations and I hope you are pleased with how it all turned out. Thanks for such an amazing weekend - I am buzzing with new ideas and learnings and hope that our work at Breakthrough contributed to the discussions as well.