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LIVE EARTH INDIA 2008, this year’s concert for a climate in crisis, will feature world-renowned musicians and performers, environmental advocates and celebrities from India, the U.S. and all over the globe on December 7, 2008 (5pm to 10pm IST).  Al Gore, Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Amitabh Bachchan, Jon Bon Jovi, and Kevin Wall will participate in this year's event in Mumbai.  It is projected to reach hundreds of millions of viewers through Star Plus and MSN worldwide.

Ixoraa Media, known for being dedicated to shaping thinking, policy, and progress in the Indo - U.S. corridor, is working with Live Earth as a strategic partner in supporting the Friends of Live Earth (FOLE) program worldwide. 

As Friends of Live Earth (FOLE), you host anywhere in the world, a “green” event in your community or at your home with friends and family, using the materials provided by your organizations and the Friends of Live Earth toolkit (available upon registration at the Live Earth website).

We invite you to join in this grassroots effort in building awareness by hosting an event at a single/ multiple locations worldwide of your choice such as a home, community, corporation, non-profits, community organizations, school/university campuses, lounges, hotels, restaurants, small businesses and other venues. In other words, at a single or multiple locations/dates, you can become Friends of Live Earth as an individual, a corporation, an entity, a non-profit and so on. Each location anywhere in the world or date is counted as one event. There is no fee associated to join this program.